Stamped parts

We punch and bend insulation parts on our efficient and modern eccentric presses. Our many years of experience with convenient knife tools and precise, self-manufactured solid steel tools are our passion.

Thanks to our in-house toolmaking department and the associated expertise in the manufacturing of punching tools and jigs, there are no limits to our manufacturing diversity in the field of punched and bent parts. We take care of the CAD design, the manufacturing of the tools and the actual production of the insulating parts for you.

Large-format stamped parts of 1,000 x 2,000 mm but also small, filigree insulating parts are part of our product portfolio.

The application of adhesive tapes or the punching of fully adhesive materials can be realised with our machinery. Adhesive die-cut parts are already used in various industries.

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Slot liner

Slot liners are often installed in Stators of electronic motors and generators. They separate the winding from the stator core and prevent electrical arcs in the stator slot. Slot insulations are made of flexible Insulation material and are mounted to cover the slot of a stator core before winding.

State of the art insulation material enables the use of thin insulation material. As a result, our customers benefit from higher filling factors and therefore more efficient solutions.

We produce slot insulations in different variations with and without flanges. The flange protects the liner from slipping away during the winding process. We can produce slot liners for diagonally grooved stators as well.

We offer our customers the possibility to reinforce the slot liners with adhesive tapes.

H&H supplies high performance and complex slot liners for various customers and applications in the electromobility, wind energy and mechanical engineering sector.

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Slot wedges

The electric motor construction uses wedges to close the slots of a rotor or a stator after the winding process. We can realize different geometries in terms of length and width. Slot wedges are very stable in form and therefore perfectly suitable for slot closure.

To facilitate the mounting of wedges in a winded core we offer bevelled wedges.

We sell standardised wedges in 1 m length in thermal classes B, F and H. Furthermore we offer customised wedges in length and width with tight production tolerances. Customised wedges are formed with our house made tools and cut to length without destroying the previously formed profile.

There are no borders for the lengths, dimensions and quantities for H&H wedges. We supply our customers from the sample phase until large-scale production with high quality Insulation parts.

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Phase splitters

Phase splitters are insulation parts that are stamped out of flexible laminates with mostly round outer geometries. They are mounted at the winding head of a motor to split the different phases of the winding from each other. Phase splitters are likely made out of materials that soak up as much resin as possible so the following impregnation process can be accomplished successfully.

For modern production lines of e-machines for example in the electro-mobility sector, phase splitters can be delivered stacked in a box.

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Field coil insulations

Electrical tool manufacturers use field insulations in the stator of their motors. It is our aspiration to produce well fitted insulation parts that have the ideal shape to fit in complex laminated cores. Our high precise bending lines of the field insulation facilitate the mounting process without reworking. We enable our customers higher efficiencies in the winding process.

Thanks to our know-how in the field of folding and embossing electrical insulating materials, numerous well-known electrical tool manufacturers have been relying on H&H's expertise for over 60 years.

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Rotor insulations

Rotor insulations usually have 4 embossing lines in order to fit precisely in the rotor core. We guarantee the tightest tolerances and optimum fit for your application.

In addition, rotor insulations can be manufactured with special cut-outs so that the end plates can be mounted more easily. Our in-house toolmaking department specialises in the production of these tools and is quick in implementing them.

Precisely fitting insulation parts save time-consuming reworking and favour a fast and smooth winding process. It is therefore our endeavour to adapt the insulations as well as possible to your laminated rotor steel cores.

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Customised slitting

H&H offers a high-quality service for contract slitting of your materials. Thanks to our in-house engineering competence, we are able to meet the most diverse requirements in the field of slitting. On our slitting and rewinding lines, we convert a variety of materials from 23 µm up to 1,000 µm and from a width of 5 mm. We guarantee tight tolerances and optimum winding tensions for your application.

H&H converts films, papers and laminates from roll to roll for a wide range of applications and industries. It is our goal to guarantee the highest delivery performance, which is why we continue to make targeted investments in machinery and employees.

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Slit Rolls

On our modern slitters and rewinders, we mainly process electrical insulation materials as well as films, laminates and flows of all kinds. We supply our customers with automatic drawing-in machines with insulation material on coils. We slit widths from 5 mm to 1,600 mm and guarantee tight tolerances (+- 0.1 mm).

H&H converts surface insulating materials according to your requirements with regard to the running lengths and outer diameters of the finished coils. We can also wind on a wide variety of cores with internal diameters of 76 and 152 mm as well as on plastic and cardboard cores.

Thanks to our well-stocked material warehouse and efficient material supply, we guarantee short delivery times. We have many surface insulating materials and polyester film in all thicknesses in stock and look forward to your interest.

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The production of blanks, which are often used as cover strips in the groove, is one of our standard tasks. We supply our customers who have laser cutters or plotters with sheets in large format.

We can supply blanks in combination with adhesive tapes. These insulating parts can be covered over the entire surface or only partially with strips.

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Intermediate insulations

Intermediate insulations are usually made out of thinner materials compared to the wedges. They serve as an intermediate layer in the winding and shouldn’t take too much space. This allows a high filling factor to be achieved in the motor.

Intermediate insulations are also available in all modifications, widths and lengths.

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Special parts

H&H is able to supply customised products for particularly demanding insulation systems. You will receive optimum advice from our experts and joint solution concepts can be developed. Special tools for folding and bending electrical insulation materials are then manufactured in our in-house toolmaking department. This enables us to react quickly to special customer requests.

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