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Stamped parts

We punch and bend insulation parts on our efficient and modern eccentric presses. Our many years of experience with convenient knife tools and precise, self-manufactured solid steel tools are our passion.

Thanks to our in-house toolmaking department and the associated expertise in the manufacturing of punching tools and jigs, there are no limits to our manufacturing diversity in the field of punched and bent parts. We take care of the CAD design, the manufacturing of the tools and the actual production of the insulating parts for you.

Large-format stamped parts of 1,000 x 2,000 mm but also small, filigree insulating parts are part of our product portfolio.

The application of adhesive tapes or the punching of fully adhesive materials can be realised with our machinery. Adhesive die-cut parts are already used in various industries.

Product view Isometric view
various forms, variable lengths

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