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Slot liner

Slot liners are often installed in Stators of electronic motors and generators. They separate the winding from the stator core and prevent electrical arcs in the stator slot. Slot insulations are made of flexible Insulation material and are mounted to cover the slot of a stator core before winding.

State of the art insulation material enables the use of thin insulation material. As a result, our customers benefit from higher filling factors and therefore more efficient solutions.

We produce slot insulations in different variations with and without flanges. The flange protects the liner from slipping away during the winding process. We can produce slot liners for diagonally grooved stators as well.

We offer our customers the possibility to reinforce the slot liners with adhesive tapes.

H&H supplies high performance and complex slot liners for various customers and applications in the electromobility, wind energy and mechanical engineering sector.

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