Wind Energy

One of the most natural resources on our planet is wind. Wind represents the power and the natural ecosystem of our earth. The expansion of wind power plants is an important part of measures to achieve the climate targets demanded by governments and an important step in the direction of a sustainable energy supply.
H&H specialises in the production of insulation parts such as slot liners and slot closures for wind turbine generators. These generators are subsequently installed in onshore and offshore plants. We are able to manufacture insulation parts for the largest generators on the market in a process-safe and effective manner. Do you have special requirements or would you like more information on the feasibility of your application?

Electronics / Lighting

Our flexible insulating materials are also used in various electronic applications. Polyester film, for example, has excellent electrical properties and high dielectric strength. These properties are of great benefit in numerous electrical components.
We also manufacture insulating parts from polyimide film – Kapton® for the use in fuel cell stacks. In addition, our films are required for the production of rechargeable batteries and electronic chips.

Nuclear physics

For our customers in the field of nuclear physics, we manufacture special profile parts made of polyimide film with a length of up to 15 metres. We are well equipped to implement these special solutions and can react quickly and flexibly.
If we have aroused your interest, please feel free to contact us.


Probably the greatest challenge for the automotive industry has been initiated. H&H is positioning itself as a competent partner for automotive customers in the field of electrical insulation materials and insulation parts for e-drives. Thanks to our in-house tool design and years of experience in folding and stamping flexible electrical insulation materials, we are able to adapt slot liners, wedges and phase insulations to your motor. Optionally, these insulation parts can also be supplied in magazines.
For modern production lines of electric motors, on which stators are wound with hairpin technology, we supply insulation paper on rolls with excellent electrical and thermal properties.
We accompany you from the selection of the material, through the development of prototypes, to the series production.

Mechanical engineering

Manufacturers of electric motors and generators have depended on the use of insulating materials in the motor ever since. H&H has been supplying insulation parts for this application for over 60 years. Our customers come from the following sectors: special machine construction, power tools, ventilation technology, materials handling technology, railway technology, aircraft technology and shipbuilding.

Hydroelectric power plants

We offer suitable insulation solutions for large generators in hydroelectric power plants. In this field individual solutions with special dimensions and high demands on the insulation materials are often required. Our experts will be happy to help you.